Citizens Charter


(updated as of March 12, 2020)

Table of Contents


SDO-Makati is committed to respond to the needs of the public in order to deliver quality frontline services. Hence, to be able to establish a more responsive and service-oriented governance, this Citizen’s Charter is crafted to empower its clienteles and stakeholders by promoting transparency, efficiency, and accountability in service delivery.

This guide describes the key frontline services of SDO-Makati and is written in the simplest manner for the clienteles and stakeholders to understand. Its strength lies in the way the services are presented: the step-by-step process of availing each service, the response time for its delivery, the personnel responsible for each service, including the redness mechanism for complaints and feedback form/tool, to give opportunity for the clienteles and stakeholders to provide their constructive comments, and suggestions for improvement opportunities. 

This Citizen’s Charter conforms to Republic Act (RA) 9485, otherwise known as “The Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007” and RA 11032, otherwise known as “The Act of Promoting Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Delivery of Government Services,” which seek to cut bureaucratic red tape and clean up transactions in the government.  

May this Citizen’s Charter serve its purpose to provide and encourage a more effective and efficient delivery of services on the commitment towards our clienteles and stakeholders in respect of frontline services.

SDO-Makati Mandate

In line with the rationalized organizational structure of the SDO–Makati, which is to ensure access to, promote equity in, and continuously improve the quality of basic education, we have articulated our five-year road-map based on the 10-point Agenda of the DepEd under the stewardship of Secretary Leonor Magtolis-Briones. 

As we look forward to the next five years, toward the year 2022, we envision the SDO-Makati to be the good model of the goals, hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the Filipino people to have quality and inclusive education, by leading in the development and implementation of the DEDP that includes programs, projects, and activities that are consistent with national educational policies, building partnerships and networking with internal and external stakeholders, as well as by efficiently and effectively managing its human, financial, and physical resources. 

These long-term reforms and development strategies are needed for the basic education sector to respond to the fast-changing demands of the local and global environment.

Directions and values


To protect and promote the right of every Filipino to quality, equitable, culture-based, and complete basic education where:

      • Students learn in a child-friendly, gender-sensitive, safe, and motivating environment.
      • Teachers facilitate learning and constantly nurture every learner.
      • Administrators and staff, as stewards of the institution, ensure an enabling and supportive environment for effective learning to happen.
      • Family, community, and other stakeholders are actively engaged and share responsibility for developing lifelong learners.


We dream of Filipinos who passionately love their country and whose values and competencies enable them to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to building the nation.

As a learner-centered public institution, the Department of Education continuously improves itself to better serve its stakeholders.

Core Values

Quality Policy

The Schools Division Office of Makati, a government agency, responsible for the delivery of accessible, relevant, and quality basic education for all. 

It is committed to provide quality education services geared towards the holistic development of the 21st century Filipino learners. 

We are committed to Quality Management System through our guiding principles to:

    •   Serve its customers and stakeholders with Honesty, Integrity,  and Nurturing the Practice of Excellence in Public Service;
    •   Improve customers satisfaction by providing them with quality  educational services with high degree of professionalism;
    •   Engage its people in maximizing opportunities and enhancing best practices at all levels;
    •   Act efficiently and effectively on customers request with  transparency and urgency of action;
    •   Comply with applicable legal and relevant requirements; and
    •   Improve continually the Quality Management System.


  • The Quality Policy of Schools Division Office-Makati City shall be carried out through the following specific objectives:

    1. To deliver prompt quality services and respond to customers’ request based on the Citizen’s Charter and Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA);
    2. To achieve 90% customers satisfaction through customers surveys and feedbacks;
    3. To implement 100% the division-funded approved programs, projects and activities; and
    4. To mitigate identified potential risks.


We, the officials and employees of Schools Division Office of Makati City, commit to:

       Serve you promptly, efficiently, and with utmost courtesy by authorized personnel with proper identification from         Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., without noon break;

      • Ensure strict adherence with service standards, including written explanation for any delays in frontline services;
      • Respond to your complaint about our services the soonest take corrective measures;
      • Value every citizen’s comments, suggestions, and needs, including those with special needs such as the differently-abled, pregnant women, and senior citizens; and
    • Enabling the public to access information on our policies, programs, activities and services 24/7 through our official website (, and Facebook official page (School Division Office of Makati City).

All these we pledge because you are our valued clienteles and stakeholders and deserve no less.


Please let us know how well we have served you by doing any of the following:

    • Accomplish our Online Feedback Tool upon leaving the SDO-Makati premises located in the security personnel area. 
    • Send your feedback through our official Facebook page – Schools Division Office of Makati

If you are not satisfied with the any of the aforementioned mechanism, do not hesitate to file a notice/communication to the Office of the Schools Division Superintendent