Curriculum Implementation Division

A. Instructional Management Section

Ensures quality management of instruction in the implementation of basic education curriculum among schools and learning centers by providing Technical Assistance on enhancing teaching- learning processes in the various subject areas for diverse learners and on the conduct of research on curriculum and instruction, new and varied modes of delivery, and monitoring and evaluating compliance of quality standards for the improvement of learning outcomes.

B. District Instructional Management

Provides relevant and timely instructional supervision to school heads and teachers, and technical assistance services by Division Field Technical Assistance Team (DFTAT) to schools and learning centers on efficient and effective school management, quality delivery of curriculum, formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of school plans, ensure conducive learning environment of schools and learning centers to improve performance of learners

Sustains strong and harmonious partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders, to generate resources and mobilize the community to support the schools and learning centers яндекс