Name of Office/ Division:       Office of the Schools Division Superintendent
Strand/Governance level:       Schools Division Office

Statement of Purpose

The Schools Division Office (SDO) empowers schools and Learning Centers (LC) and engages partners and communities in the delivery of
quality basic education that is accessible to all. (Sec.2 RA 9155)


Outcomes Indicators

 Teaching and non-teaching personnel are accurately and timely
compensated. Issues and concerns relative to personnel matters
are properly addressed and resolved.

 All stakeholders are provided with readily available, updated, and
accurate data and records for information and decision-making.

 SDO teaching and non-teaching personnel are committed,
competent, innovative, and accountable in the performance of
their duties and responsibilities and continuously improve to
meet performance standards across access, quality, and

 Schools and Learning Centers are provided with adequate
services and resources that ensure a child-friendly and healthy
learning and working environment

Key Results Areas


Key Performance


Outputs Indicators


 To properly and promptly
provide personnel action
and compensation

 Percentage of personnel
who are regularly and
promptly provided with
compensation and
accorded suitable ersonnel action 

Processed and issued
salaries and benefits

Duly signed payroll

Deployment, etc

 To maintain an updated
and accurate Information
Management System

 100% of data and records
were available as soft
and/or hard copy

Hard/Soft Copy of

Duly signed payroll

Encoded data in a stand-alone computer junket to
all systems

 To provide schools,
Learning Centers and
SDO with necessary
supplies, materials and

 100% allocation of
supplies, materials and
equipment were

Memorandum Receipts

Inventory of supplies,
materials and equipment

 To develop a well-planned, directed and
coordinated system for
records management and
general services

100% implementation of
government laws, policies,
plans, programs, rules
and regulations on
records management and
general service functions
based on client
satisfaction surveys

100% adherence to 5S

Client satisfaction surveys

Personnel feedback

Financial Management

 To provide SDO
management with
economical, efficient, and
effective accounting and
budgeting services to ensure the cost-effective
utilization of financial
resources of the division
and schools

Percentage of schools
provided with seminars
and workshops on
financial management vs.

Number of schools and
Learning Centers
monitored with proper
reporting of the generation
and utilization of funds vs.

Percentage of claims of
payments of salaries,
benefits, and
reimbursements processed
vs. target
population/number of
incoming requests

Percentage of distribution
of national fund allotments
to schools and learning
centers vs. target

Guidelines on Fund

Monitoring and Evaluation
(M&E) Reports


Financial reports

Liquidation Reports of
schools and Learning


To manage the
implementation of
Management System
(RPMS) in accordance to
the schools’ prevailing
situations and realities

To formulate processes
and standards for school

To develop a feedback
mechanism tool that
enhances the delivery of
frontline services

Percentage of schools
adhering to the
customized RPMS

Percentage of schools
adhering to accreditation

Percentage of feedback
from clients

Accreditation processes
and standards

Feedback mechanism

Ancillary services
(Legal, ICT)

Note: Legal Function for
Medium-sized to Very
Large SDOs only

To provide legal advice
and render legal opinions
to the Schools Division
Superintendent (SDS),
Assistant Schools Division
Superintendent (ASDS),
officials of the Division in
relation to the
performance of their

Number of legal advice
and legal opinions/
decisions rendered vs.
number of incoming
requests within the
prescriptive period

Percentage of feedback
from clients

Percentage of feedback
from clients

Feedback mechanism

To evaluate complaints
filed, conducts
investigation and draft
decisions and orders on
cases filed against nonteaching personnel within
the Division

Percentage of complaints
acted upon

Report on complaints
acted upon

Report on investigations

To draft actions/
endorsements on
complaints and letters for signature of the SDS in
accordance with the
provisions of the law and
DepED rules and

Number of endorsements
made vis-à-vis number of
complaints received

Endorsements and draft
action plan.

To interpret laws and
rules affecting the
implementation of various
Division programs

Percentage of documents
interpreted vis-à-vis
number of endorsements/
referrals received

Draft interpretation of
laws and rules

To prepare and review
contracts, Memorandum
of Agreement (MOAs) and
instruments to which the
Division or any of its
offices and school is a
party, and interprets the
provisions therein

Number of MOAs and
legal instruments
reviewed within the target
date vs. incoming

Memorandum of

Reviewed Legal

To conduct investigations
of complaints against
teaching personnel as
may be delegated by the
Regional Office (RO)

Number of investigations
conducted vs. targets

Investigation Reports/

To represent the SDO in
court cases, when
deputized by the Office of
the Solicitor General

Number of Legal
appearance before
appropriate tribunals vs.
number of deputized representaions

Pleadings, legal briefs

To manage and maintain
the Information and
Technology (ICT)
Systems and
Infrastructure of the
Division to effectively
support operations

To manage and
implement ICT programs
and projects in the
Division to ensure data
validity and effective
utilization of the systems

Number of schools and
learning centers
monitored on ICT
infrastructures, programs,
and projects, within the
SDO vs. targets

M&E Reports

Approved ICT Plan

To participate and
communicate with Central
Office and other ICT Units
across levels with regard
to the implementation of
national ICT and ICTrelated programs

Percentage of increase in
the number of
partnerships forged vs.
baseline data, in
collaboration with RO and

Functional ICT System

MOA/Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU) on