Filing of Request Relief from Accountability due to Fortuitous Events or Natural Calamities, or Due to Acts of Man; theft, robbery, arson, etc.

Who may file:
· Persons who are accountable for government funds and property which were lost and/or damaged without negligence on their part in the custody thereof.
· Representative of the Accountable Officer

What are the requirements:
· Notice of loss of government supplies and property to the head of the agency and the auditor assigned thereat;
· Request for relief from accountability of the person accountable for government funds and property filed within thirty (30) days or of such longer period as may be allowed by the Commission accompanied by the following documents:
          * The basic notice of loss showing the exact date of filing and receipt in the Office of the Auditor concerned;
          * Affidavit of the accountable officer containing a statement of facts and circumstances of the loss, i.e. property lost and its valuation, actual date in which the absence was first noted, manner of disappearance, efforts exerted to recover the same, provisions made to safeguard the property, date when the loss was reported to the auditor and police authorities, etc.,
          * Affidavits of two (2) disinterested persons cognizant of the facts and circumstances of the loss;
          * Final investigation report of the office or department head, proper government investigating agency (PNP, BFP, NBI, etc.);
          * Comment/s and/or recommendation of the agency head;
          * List and description including book value, date of acquisition, property number, account classification, condition of the property, and other additional relevant information of the properties lost as attested by the concerned officials, as the case may be;
          * Latest inventory and inspection report preceding the loss and inspection report on the extent of damage/loss;
          * Exact or accurate amount of government cash or book value of the property, subject of the request for relief;
          * Memorandum Receipt, if any, covering the properties subject of the request;
          * Certification from Police/Fire Chief/Provincial Governor/Mayor or other competent authority as to the destruction brought by natural calamity and/or insurgency;
          * Report on Cash Examination conducted immediately after the loss (for cash losses);
          * Certificate by the veterinarian as to the cause of death with a description of the animal, if the property is a government animal under the care of a veterinarian, and autopsy report;
          * Authenticated pictures of the site (loss through fire and theft or robbery/holdup;
          * Fire insurance policy;
          * Certification of the proper official on the actual occurrence of calamity specifying therein the approximate or exact time of occurrence and the affected areas;
          * Insurance policy, if any, and the fact of receipt of the insurance proceeds;
          * Affidavits of security guards pertaining to the incident, if manned by them, and the contract of security services;
          * Information on whether or not the accountable officer was accompanied by police/security escorts during theft or robbery/hold-up of cash (going to and fro the bank, office break-in, etc.) and the appropriate explanation if none; and
          * Comments and/or recommendation of the auditor.

Schedule of Availability of the Service
Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (No Noon Break)

• Who May Avail of the Service?
Teaching & Non-Teaching Personnel of the Schools Division Office of Makati City

• What are the Requirements?
1) Requisition Issue Slip (RIS)
2) Inventory Custodian Slip (ICS Form)
          • Person/s In-charge

Authorized Personnel – Supply Section
     • Steps:
          1) Secure and fill-up Requisition Slip Form
          2) Submit filled-up form for approval
          3) Receive the requested item/s

• Duration of Time: 14 minutes
• No Fees Required